About Us

This group is dedicated to exploring, discussing, and implementing the cutting edge of intelligence advancements and their impacts on society. In doing so, it aims to be the launching place for anyone interested in engaging in AI as part of the broader mission of HCS, whether from a perspective, a policy angle, or interdisciplinary approaches. We will be hosting a variety of events to dive into the implications of AI on the future, technical implementations of important developments, and cutting-edge research with appearances from leading figures in various fields. HCS is a student-run organization of Harvard College.

Our priority is to remain open and accessible both for those who have little experience and come from other backgrounds, as well as those more advanced and technically-inclined. Based on interests, we will continually update and design new topics and events to be as close to up-to-date as possible. Sign up to join the mailing list and stay in the loop!

Note: we are currently transitioning and upgrading our site, and you may see repeated information on both sites.